Peer Review

International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovative Studies  (IJSRIS) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed and high-quality scholarly journal published bi-monthly and electronically that is dedicated to promot research in to various fields including Information and Technology Sciences, Natural and Medical Sciences, Social and Humanities Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Applied Sciences.

All of the publication ethics ( and policies ( regarding to the Peer Review (, Plagiarism and Conflicts of Interest ( for the submitted manuscript(s) are doing well between the authors, editors and reviewers by Email connections and the Accepted manuscript(s) are published on the web site after receiving all of the required documents and revisions.

The Peer Review process and editorial system for the submitted manuscripts in the IJSRIS  Journal  are managed via the formal web site ( and Formal Email Addresses ( and

The workflow of Peer Review process in all publications of IJSRIS Journal are as follows:

  1. Submitting the Manuscript(s) to the IJSRIS Journal  by the Corresponding Author(s) via the Formal Email Addresses.

  2. The submitted manuscript(s) are checked by the Editorial Team to certify they are in the relevant subjects, themes and complete according to the publishing format.

  3. The Editorial Team check out the Plagiarism and originality of the submitted manuscript(s) using Turnitin Software as well as Conflict of Interest for Authors.

  4. The submitted manuscript and collected information (Plagiarism and Conflict of Interest for Authors) are sent to the Chief Editor to evaluate their terms of scope and quality.

  5. The submitted manuscript(s) with unusual Plagiarism and Conflict of Interest for Authors are Rejected. The submitted manuscript(s) with appropriate status including Plagiarism around 15% and No Conflict of Interest for Author(s) are sent to the Academic Editor.

  6. The Academic Editor perform detailed assessment before inviting the scientific Reviewers. The submitted manuscript(s) with unsuitable publishing status and content materials are Rejected.

  7. The suitable submitted manuscript(s) are sent to the invited potential Referees and Scientific Reviewers to provide the Peer Review Report(s).

  8. The Academic Editor(s) manage and continue multiple communications with the Corresponding Author(s) and Reviewers separately based on the Peer Review Report(s) to receive updated versions of the manuscript(s) submitted by the Authors(s) including the required changes and improvements suggested by the Reviewers.

  9. The Academic Editor(s) send final revision of the manuscript(s) to the Chief Editor and satisfy the manuscript(s) evaluation for Rejecting or Accepting statuses considering editorial recommendations.

  10. The Chief Editor inform the Corresponding Author(s) for evaluation result of Rejecting or Accepting to Publish. The Chief Editor direct the Editorial Team for final checking of the Accepted manuscript(s) considering the applied improvements and recommendations of the Reviewers to follow the publication guidelines, ethics and polices.

  11. There is no guarantee for manuscript(s) acceptance or very short peer review times.

  12. The Corresponding Author(s) of the Accepted manuscript(s) are requested to prepare and send all of the required documents including Signed Copyright Form, Signed Permission Form and Financial Affairs.

  13. The Editorial Team control and edit the final revision of the Accepted manuscript(s) and coordinate/complete the manuscript(s) structure(s) according to the publishing format.

  14. The Corresponding Author(s) are informed when the Accepted manuscript(s) are published on the web site of the IJSRIS Journal).